Our proprietary application forms a covalent bond with coil and copper tubing re-tightening the tube to fin connection and returning the unit to 90% of original technical specification. EnergyCor™ is inorganic preventing growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria while preventing corrosion. By returning unit to near original technical specification, preventing build up on coils, tubing, along with our CryoCoat XT™ application, customers achieve 15-30% reduction of kWh run-time. EnergyCor™ is a one-time application and lasts life of unit.

Our Energy Star rated CryoCoat XT™ is applied to the exterior of cooling unit. By removing thermal variables from the sun and facility infrastructure, units maintain a consistent operating sequence resulting in lower kWh run-time, extended unit life, reduced maintenance cycles, in addition to qualifying for Federal/State efficiency rebates.



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