This combined coating process is unique in the cooling industry. The process combines an ultra-thin coil coating along with a heat resistant Energy Star Rated exterior coating for various parts of your HVAC system. We affect your cooling units in the only two ways we possibly can:

  • Decrease Run Time
  • Increase HVAC Unit Efficiency

We use our proprietary corrosion resistant coil coating technology that forms a covalent bond with the coil and copper tubing, actually re-tightening the tube to fin connection and returning the unit to within 95% of its original factory specs. There is no other coil coating technology on the market today that will do that. Our coating is inorganic and therefore does not support the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and prevents the effects of corrosion, thus extending the useful life of the unit by many years. Further, it will reduce kilowatt hour usage, reducing your cooling energy bill immediately. This is a "one-time" application that will last the life of the unit.

We use our Energy Star rated CryoCoat XT™ on the exterior metal cabinetry of your unit, blocking 95% of the sun’s thermal heat and reducing the exterior temperature of the unit to within 5-10°F of the outside temperature.

This produces dramatic reductions in unit run-time, especially during peak demand hours, thus extending unit life, reducing maintenance and repairs and reducing kilowatt per hour (kWh) consumption, resulting in lower utility bills.

This also results in a green energy savings solution that reduces your company's carbon footprint.